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Laser eye surgery importance and special procedures

laser surgery

Lasers are beams of light that revolve into heat when they reach the eye. This heat can be used to treat a variety of eye troubles. These include the closing of leaking blood vessels commonly caused by diabetic retinopathy and macular deterioration.

laser surgery

Lasers help to slow or stop the growth of abnormal blood vessels that may also result from these environments. Eye doctors often use lasers to seal torn or separated eye tissue, especially in the retina. The laser used to develop vision such as with LASIK eye surgery.

laser surgery

That type of laser is more like a dagger, which is used to cut or sculpt eye tissue. You should eat normally and take all your normal medicines before you come in for surgery. The procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery or in your surgeon’s office, so you will be able to go home the same day.

laser surgery

The procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery or in your surgeon’s office, so you will be able to go home the same day. Be sure to arrange for a dependable adult to come with you, stay during surgery, and take you home. Your eyes will be blurred after the surgery, so you should not drive.

LASIK eye surgeon carefully execute the surgical procedure


Our eye care professionals are qualified in the pre-operative, operative and postoperative management of LASIK and PRK. You will interact with our highly qualified staff, including our experienced optometrists and LASIK surgeons. Our surgeon has experienced in the medical and surgical management of refractive errors and eye diseases.
lasik surgery
laser surgery

In what way an eye surgery helps to get accurate vision

The eye is like a camera. The cornea is a clear, dome-shaped window that forms the obverse wall of the eye. The retina is the tissue in the back of the eye that acts like the coating in a camera. The cornea at the front of the eye acts as a lens that focuses light onto the retina, producing an image on the retina that gets transmitted to the brain and interpreted as vision. The curve of the cornea determines the power of the corneal lens and whether the received light rays from distant objects focus honestly onto the retina. Our experienced LASIK eye surgeon applies anesthesia to your eye and our well trained nurses also help in your eye surgery by offering intravenous liquid.

eye surgery

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Lasik has delighted millions of patients in worldwide. LASIK was first approved for use by the FDA from getting on years and has been gaining steadily in popularity. Each year, approximately for many patients have the procedure and the vast popular of patients are happy with their results.

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